About Amanda

Born in the Lake District, Amanda left college in the late 1980's with excellent qualifications in both in art and photography. She was initially interested in graphic design which gave her an eye for symmetry and detail, that can be seen reflected in her work. Amanda manages to achieve a natural feel using colour, black & white and sepia formats.

It is important for Amanda that her clients feel comfortable and at ease whilst being photographed. She understands that there's not many people used to having cameras pointed at them and it is so important that they are made to feel comfortable, after all it is meant to be an enjoyable and nice experience.

Amanda spent her early career, photographing weddings, portraits and commercial projects. As time went by she found that she enjoyed her portrait work more. Now, Amanda specialises in photographing people and pets. "If it blinks I'm interested" she says. "Photographing children is wonderful; I like them to enjoy themselves by playing and having fun. That's when you get the best pictures, the ones that capture their essence".

When not at her studio Amanda likes nothing better than spending some quality time with her family, at their holiday home on the island of Arran. Amanda sees it as her bolt hole, an inspirational place to recharge her batteries, walking, swimming and just relaxing on the peaceful Scottish island.

Amanda's sea front holiday cottage is available to rent. Click Here to view the website.

Amanda Jayne